Genuine People

I was tired of pretending that I was someone else just to get along with people, just for the sake of having friendships.
— Kurt Cobain

I am a huge believer in "vibes" and "energy". Usually when I meet people, I quietly observe without judgement. A few days ago, I met Joekenneth for the first time. Immediately, I knew that Joekenneth and I would get along. I spoke to him about my trip to my mothers home country of Panama recently and how it helped me find myself truly. He then began to tell me his amazing story of visiting his home country of Haiti. We then shared a common bond about life. 

Joekenneth (outside of being a truly stylish dude) is an amazing writer and poet. Like many of the people I come across, he is a true artist. To me, a true artist is not only someone that is obviously talented. An artist to me, has the ability to wear his/her soul on theirs sleeves. Its always a breathe of fresh air to me when I come across a person in this industry that is genuine. When I was younger I would have killed to have the lifestyle and career that I have now. I would have killed to be around these amazing industry people and be friends with anyone I came across. Now that I made that dream for myself come true, I find myself only caring about keeping genuine people near me. My family and friends with good intentions are all I need.